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Student of the Month

Meet Diego from Ecuador!

  Diego SOTM

Above: Diego enjoying Christmas with some new friends.

CIEE: What is your favorite part of your typical day in the U.S.?

Diego: I like the school because we always have different experiences with the different classes but my favorite part is that sometimes I can play the guitar with some friends

CIEE: What is your favorite American food?

Diego: My favorite American food is the apple pie. That’s the best dessert in the world.

CIEE: What has been the most surprising thing about America or your new host city?

Diego: The most surprising thing could be the lot of shows that you can go like music concerts and entertainment shows.

CIEE: What have you shared about your own home country/culture since you’ve been in the U.S.?

Diego: I have share a lot of thing I always try to compare the American's life style with my country's life style and also we always talk about food or music or literature.

 CIEE: What have you learned about yourself so far?

Diego: That I can be very responsible and I started to take the best decisions for me.