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Guide to Getting Involved


You may have noticed that there are a LOT of "extracurricular activities" at school. That's a term that basically means "things to do at school that aren't class or homework"!

There are four major types of extracurricular activities. See below for some info about all of them!



A club is a group that helps students meet other students who are interested in the same things they are. They are often run by students, and schools tend to be very open to students who want to create NEW clubs!

Common clubs that you might like:

- International Club

- Foreign language clubs (like Spanish Club, Chinese Club, etc.)

- Academic competition clubs (like Math Team, Science Olympiad, etc.)

- Journalism clubs (like Yearbook Club, the school newspaper, etc.)

- Video Games Club

- Photography Club

Uncommon Clubs that REALLY EXIST: Waffle Club, Quidditch Club, Free Hugs Club

How to Get Involved: Ask the receptionist at the main office of your school for a list of clubs and who to contact!



Now is the time to try out that sport you always wanted to play! In the US, teenagers who want to play sports almost always play through their high school. Popular American sports are basketball, American football (soccer), ice hockey, water polo, and many more!

How to get involved: get in touch with your gym teacher (or Physical Education / P.E. teacher), or the Athletic Director at your school. They'll be able to give you a list of all the opportunities open to you, and how to sign up for a team!



Do you like to sing, or play an instrument? Or maybe you want to try acting or theater for the first time! Your school might have any of the following: chorus (singing), band (playing an instrument), orchestra (playing a string instrument), dance, plays, musicals, etc.!

How to get involved: talk to a music or arts teacher at your school. They can tell you about all of the different performance opportunities going on!

Community service 2


If you love helping others, Community Service is the way to connect with other students who do, too! Try:

- Key Club (a popular club in many high schools that serves the children of the world)

- Volunteering (helping out at local animal shelters, nursing homes for the elderly, libraries, etc.)

- Tutoring (help your fellow students out with their classwork)

How to get involved: talk to the receptionist at the main office of your school - that person will point you in the right direction!