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I wanted to improve my English

Nutthakamon from Thailand is in her second year with the CIEE High School USA program, and will be coming back for a third this upcoming year! When asked why she decided to come back to the U.S. for another year, this is what she said:

"I decided to come back to the U.S. because I wanted to make my English better, I love American people, and I wanted to graduate in the U.S. I decided to come back with CIEE because they always give all information that I wanted, give advice when I needed help and I already have an experience with CIEE so that makes me know that CIEE is the best program and trust in all CIEE staffs!


I recommend CIEE because I have been with CIEE for 2 years and next year will be my third year with CIEE so I know that CIEE will always be with you when you have problems, and always help us solve the problems.


The best part since I came back to the U.S. is having a new experiences. Last year I stayed with small family that has four people in the house, but this year I stay with 8 people so this makes a lot of different feeling but I am happy with it. Also school: I am in private school this year so it is different from last year when I was in public school. In this school, we have lots of international students from different countries around the world so that makes me have a lot of friends from different countries like from Thailand, Vietnam, Rwanda, the U.S. and so on. And another thing that I like is foods!"

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