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Find Your New Story About Your Life In The U.S.

Pimpatha is from Thailand, and is in her second year in the U.S. with CIEE. This year, she is attending Clarksville High School in Arkansas.

Pimpatha told us she decided to come back to the U.S. for several reasons, but what stood out to us was this: find your own story about your life in the U.S.


“I wanted to grow up, step out from the comfort zone, improve my English and exchange cultures. I realized that my first year of exchange student was incredibly amazing. Everything what I had been expecting before I came here was different. In my opinion, it is worth it for me.

I get to know my second family who loves me like my home family, friends around the world that I won't forget, learned new cultures, try new food, and become more mature than before.


The best part of coming back is when I spend time with my friends. You never know if you can see them again after the program or not. I learned something from it, new perspectives, new attitude and I become a person who I truly want to be now. Best year ever.

I recommend everyone to come back, you will be surprised this is not only one year but this is your second life. I could tell you my experiences but everyone is different: different family, different story, experiences, different life. So, I recommend you to find your new story about your life in the USA. You won't regret it.”

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