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Welcome from your Support Team at CIEE!

We hope that you are enjoying your year so far!

CIEE’s Support Team lives and works in Portland, Maine. Combined, this dynamic team speaks 10 different languages, and have all had experiences being exchange students in various countries around the world. The Support Team is here to help students, host families, and Local Coordinators with any questions or concerns that they may have; so contact us any time! We are also in contact with students’ agencies in their home countries regularly. 

If you have not already please call Support at 1-800-448-9944 and let us know how your program is going so far. The Support Team is here to help support you to ensure that you have a successful time being a part of the USA High School Program!

Watch our video below with more information about the Support Team!

Meet the Support Team from CIEE Support on Vimeo.


Additionally, check out our Facebook page and group for more information about your program!