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January Student of the Month: Carl from Germany!

Meet Carl from Germany!

Carl 1

Above: Carl is an exchange student from Germany who is currently living in Texas

CIEE: What is your favorite part of your typical day in the U.S.?

Carl: That really is a hard question, but I came to an answer:

I really do love school and also the club activities after school!

Due to all the different classes to choose from, which German schools don't offer, it makes learning in school a lot of fun! The way the teachers interact with their students is also different from what I was used to: they are way nicer and help you in many ways.

Also important is, that it is the only place where I can see all my friends during the week, because they do sports or work after school and so we can only meet on weekends... Talking to so many different people is just enjoyable and lets me embrace the American culture/ life. 

CIEE: What is your favorite American food?

Carl: It is nothing really special, but I never heard of it before until I came here: Chili Dogs!

It is like a hot dog bun + the sausage with chili and cheese on it - the best thing ever!

I eat it whenever I can and I definitely recommend trying it out!

CIEE: What has been the most surprising thing about America or your new host city?

Carl: There wasn't really anything that really surprised me because of all the preparations we had with travel works, but one thing really is something which kind of surprised me: how kind and polite everyone is and how they act and welcome new people as their friends!

CIEE: What have you shared about your own home country/culture since you’ve been in the U.S.?

Carl: Oh - I don't know if I remember anything from what I have shared with the people, excuse in the first months, people used to ask me tons of question about what Germany is like and how it is different from the United States. 

 CIEE: What have you learned about yourself so far?

Carl: I think that I turned out to be exactly the person I thought I would be: a quiet one who doesn't act up or try's to drag attention on to me.

I also noticed that I feel comfortable being in a new family really fast and that I get along with people easily!

Carl 2

Above: Carl and some of the other exchange students in Texas