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December Student of the Month: Ming from China

Meet Ming, our student of the month from China!


CIEE: What is your favorite part of your typical day in the U.S.?

Ming: My favorite part of my typical day is my Ceramics class.  I like to create things and I can make whatever I want.

CIEE: What is your favorite American food?

Ming: My  host mom and I make a very delicious zucchini bread and I also love smoothies - made with lots of fruit!

CIEE: What has been the most surprising thing about America or your new host city?

Ming: I didn't know about the Metroparks - I loved running Cross Country thru the park and also bike riding in the park.  I was surprised about the beauty of the leaves changing colors.

CIEE: What have you shared about your own home country/culture since you’ve been in the U.S.?

Ming: There is a big difference in the typical school day so I have shared that with people - they are surprised at how hard we study.  I also have shared spicy Chinese recipes with my host family and cooked it for them.

 CIEE: What have you learned about yourself so far?

Ming: I have learned so many different ways to exercise - Cross Country, yoga class on Sunday morning, tennis lessons and now I am on the swim team.  I can try anything and do my best at sports!

  Ming 2 (2)

Above: Ming had a successful Halloween in Ohio!