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Many of you will be starting a new semester at school! This is a wonderful time for you to start thinking about completing your Community Service Project, if you haven’t already. Successful completion of your Community Service Project is necessary to receive your Certificate of Completion for the CIEE USA High School Program. If you are an F1 student, completion of the community service project does not apply to you. However, CIEE always encourages our students to become involved; and participating in community service is a great way to contribute to your community and help others!

Community service can be really fun, and is an important part USA High School Program. Through community service, you have the opportunity to directly impact your town or city while exchanging your unique culture with your community. 

If you need assistance with coming up with ideas for your community service project, ask your Local Coordinator, host family, teachers, friends, or call CIEE so that we can help you! We hope that the community service project enables you to immerse yourself in American culture and form meaningful connections with those around you.

Please see the list below of different community service activities, or places that you may be able to volunteer your time, energy and skills.

- Nursing Homes

- Animal Shelters

- Sports Camps

- Local Cleanup Projects

- Soup Kitchens

- Museums

- Churches

- Libraries

- After School Programs

- Tutoring

- Elementary or Middle Schools

Please visit the community service information tab on our exchange student rules and regulations page: