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November Student of the Month: Fatahiya

Meet our November Student of the Month, Fatahiya from Ghana!

  Fatahiya 2

Above: Fatahiya enjoying a beautiful fall day at an apple orchard in Illinois

CIEE: What is your favorite part of your typical day in the U.S.?

Fatahiya: My favourite part of the day in the US is to catch my bus for school and at dinner when everyone talks about their day.

CIEE: What is your favorite American food?

Fatahiya: My favourite food is pizza and ice cream

CIEE: What has been the most surprising thing about America or your new host city?

Fatahiya: My most surprising thing is that America is not Hollywood because I thought every part of the country is just like they show on movies though I live in a great community which is the most important thing.

CIEE: What have you shared about your own home country/culture since you’ve been in the U.S.?

Fatahiya: I have shared so much but the one my host mum loves so much is that only chiefs ride horses in Northern Ghana.

CIEE: What have you learned about yourself so far?

Fatahiya: I have learnt that I can be anything if only I want to change the world, and that I am mature but not as confident as I thought

  Fatahiya 1

Above: Fatahiya and fellow CIEE exchange student Fatima, from Bahrain, meeting with U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowski to discuss student exchange, citizen diplomacy, education, and women’s rights. How cool!