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Thank You For...

Thanksgiving is a time when we get together with family and close friends, and remember what we are thankful for. We thought this would be the perfect time to share some tips about how to show your host family that you appreciate all that they do for you.

  • Tell them “thank you” when they least expect it – In America, it is important to say “thank you” often. You probably thank your host family for rides to school, for the meals they provide you, for taking you to the movies and so on (if not, you should start). However, the best time to thank your host family for welcoming you into their home is when they are not doing anything for you – if your host family is relaxing in the living room, that is a perfect time to give them a big THANK YOU for giving you the opportunity to experience life in America.
  • Do more than what is expected of you – Most of you have chores at home, and doing those chores is a good way to show respect to your host family. Even better, show your host family that you appreciate them by doing little things around the house that are not assigned to you. If the trash is full, take it out. If you see a mess, clean it up. If your host mom is carrying groceries, offer to help.
  • Make a card – Whatever the occasion, giving your host family a card is a great way to say “thank you.” It is also a great way to teach your host family about holidays in your country. If your country celebrates Mother’s Day at a different time of the year than the U.S. (May 10, 2015 – mark your calendars), for example, surprise your host mother with a card or small gift.
  • Cook a meal – This is another great way to share your culture and say “thank you” at the same time. Your host parent(s) will appreciate having a meal cooked for them, and learn about the flavors unique to your culture.
  • Listen – This seems like an easy one, but we all forget to do this from time to time. We can become so focused on what is going on in our lives that we forget to listen to others. So if your host family listens to you about your stressful day at school, remember to check in with them and ask them about their day. 6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d08c45bc970c-800wi