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Congratulations Tahir - Your American Bucket List Won You a GoPro!

Congratulations to Tahir from Pakistan for his winning American Bucket List and selfie! Check out all the neat things he hopes to accomplish in Oklahoma this year while he is studying in the United States.

You rock, Tahir - send us pictures of your new adventures!


Check out Tahir on top of the highest point in Oklahoma - Mount Scott in the Wichita Mountains! 

The American food Tahir wants to try: meatballs with spaghetti

The American tradition Tahir most looks forward to: prom

The American activity Tahir wants to try: kayaking

The American holiday Tahir most looks forward to: Christmas - because he has never seen snowy trees in his life!

Tahir hopes to teach his host family: how to cook Pakistani food because his host family (The Akin's!) love his country's food

Tahir's biggest goal at school: is to be prom king - we would vote for you Tahir!

The American celebrity Tahir most wants to meet: Angelina Jolie - she has been to his country 3 times to help people during floods.

 Congratulations Tahir - we hope you have the #CIEEBestYearEver!