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Congratulations Manuela - your American Bucket List won you a gopro!

Congratulations to Manuela from Spain for her winning American Bucket List and selfie! Check out all the neat things she hopes to accomplish in Maine (shout out!) this year while she is studying in the United States.

You rock, Manuela - send us pictures of your new adventures!


Check out Manuela touring around Portland on a boat with an awesome light house behind her!

The American food Manuela wants to try: pancakes - and a big BBQ too!

The American tradition Manuela  most looks forward to: an American football game

The American activity Manuela wants to try: cheerleading - Manuela doesn't have that activity at her school in Spain - she thinks it's fun & interesting! 

The American holiday Manuela most looks forward to: Christmas - because in Spain they celebrate it but it's not the same. She wants to see the lights and all the Christmas trees & spirit. 

Manuela hopes to teach her host family: how to make Spanish tortilla - The Kennedy Family told her they are so excited about trying the Spanish tradition on New Year's eve of eating grapes for each bell until midnight!

Manuela 's biggest goal at school: to make a lot of international friends - it's important for her to learn the American culture and how to work together in class, because in Spain they class system is very individual. Americans do everything as a team and that's very different and interesting to Manuela. 

The American celebrity Manuela most wants to meet: Taylor Swift! She is a BIG fan of Taylor and dreaming of her is free :) We are hoping she spends her holidays in Portland too, Manuela!


 Congratulations Manuela - we hope you have the #CIEEBestYearEver!