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My American Bucket List - CIEE High School Team Edition!


The CIEE High School Team is excited to welcome you to the United States. We have created our own Bucket List and will be working to check everything off this year!

A new American food we want to try: 

Mac & Cheese - there is a new food truck near our office!

An American high school tradition we look forward to is:

Homecoming - share your pictures with us via #CIEEBestYearEver

A new American activity we will try:

Skiing & Snowboarding - this winter is supposed to be snowy!

An American holiday we can't wait to celebrate:

HALLOWEEN - can you say (virtual) costume party?!

We want to teach our host families how to:

Be open and accepting to trying new, and maybe not-so-American foods you cook them during our Taste of Culture Recipe Contest coming up in November

Our biggest goal at school (the office!) this year is:

To gather more than 2,000 #CIEESelfies

An American celebrity we want to meet: 

Taylor Swift - because, it's Taylor Swift. 


Don't forget to enter the CIEE My American Bucket List Contest by September 25th for your chance to win a GoPro camera.

Click here to submit your Bucket List & Selfie!