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Almost Time to Say Goodbye

It may be hard to believe, but for many of you, it may be time to start saying “goodbye” to the U.S.!


Below are a few suggestions of things to do before you leave.

  1. It’s not over yet! Do your homework, be respectful of your host family. You’re not gone yet, and you definitely don’t want to end your year by hurting the relationships you’ve made with your school and host family.
  2. Make sure your host family knows how much you appreciate them. If you haven’t already, offer to cook something for them from your home country! Or write them a letter of thanks. There are many ways to show your appreciation – you can always ask your Local Coordinator for ideas.
  3. Have a going-away party! Get all of your friends together before you leave so you can exchange email addresses, friend each other on facebook if you haven’t already, and get in some good friend time before you leave! You can either meet up at a local restaurant, or maybe ask your host family if you can invite some people over to your house.
  4. Thank your teachers. Your teachers have been working hard all year to help you with your English and welcome into their classrooms. Whether you want to thank them in person after class one day, or write them a note, they’ll be grateful you did!
  5. Take more pictures! Go around your hometown and snap some pics of your favorite people and places. You’ll love being able to look back at them in years to come!