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Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, actually, it’s SAINT Valentine’s Day.

The holiday was originally (sort of) in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome (supposedly), who once wrote a letter (possibly) to a woman signed “Your Valentine” (maybe). The origins of the holiday are fairly vague, but the tradition has continued as a celebration of love.

You’ve already experienced what Valentine’s Day in the U.S. is like – in schools, students in middle school and younger often pass out valentines (little notes saying nice things) to their classmates as a sign of friendship. Some older students do this, too. It’s also a day when couples celebrate how much they care about each other.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your home country? What did you notice about how the U.S. celebrates Valentine’s Day that might be different from how you usually celebrate? Head on over to our facebook page and tell us all about it!

We hope you had a fun Valentine’s Day!